$197.00 USD

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Digital Marketing Consulting

Let's grow your business together!

Looking for marketing strategies you can immediately take action on to drive better performance and growth for your business? Whether you're looking for website experience & performance recommendations, ad creative & messaging recommendations, paid marketing campaign strategies, audience targeting recommendations, overall business & mindset coaching, or an audit & analysis of your current campaign structure in Google Ads, YouTube, or Meta/Instagram, you're in the right place.

You'll walk away with:

  • A 60-minute recorded meeting to review your business challenges, goals, and marketing strategy in detail

  • Recommendations on marketing strategies and opportunities (both organic & paid) to grow your business

  • Recommendations to improve your website's user experience (UX)

  • A detailed follow-up email with core topics discussed and action items / next steps (you won't leave this meeting without homework and excitement for opportunities to grow your business!)

What People Are Saying:

I wanted a digital marketing specialist that specialized in small business digital marketing strategies for entrepreneurs and had extensive experience with quickly growing an online customer base for small service businesses like mine. By chance, I came across Ashley, who not only led some of the digital marketing strategies for top-performing global corporations but also had direct experience in pairing down those digital marketing techniques and budgets for small businesses. I first started by taking one of her digital marketing courses which gave me everything I needed to ramp up my business’ online presence. Luckily, I opted for additional 1x1 support from her, and since then my company's internet-driven business has experienced an exciting transformation in many respects. Ashley’s creative genius and talent produced new advertising targets, updated ads copy/keywords, and graphics ideas that have increased my business's revenue and significantly raised our site's traffic and customer conversion. In my experience, Ashley has performed brilliantly and she has exceeded my expectations in all areas of digital marketing – not to mention she helped us achieve our best month ever with a 9:1 Return!

Brandon Bramley, Founder & CEO, The Salary Negotiator

Ashley is absolutely amazing! Thank you for making me feel like I matter. Ashley is the best business coach out there. I can testify I made my money back in less than a month working with her and I can’t be thankful enough. If you’re not working with her yet, then what are you waiting for?

Beurena Johnson, CEO, Trichology School of Business

Since working with Ashley, our google results have skyrocketed. Her efficiency and knowledge ensure that our dollars are well spent, while attracting the ideal clientele. Ashley is a pleasure to work with and an absolute professional. She treats our marketing dollars as her own, and ensures our targeted results are achieved. I highly recommend her!

Ann Baiden, Founder & CEO, Innovatex